Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sky on Fire

Big storm tonight.
I love them, and I always will, even when they scare me.
There's something so surreal about the lightning...your eye can catch it, your camera can't. Sometimes it fascinates me just how amazing our eyes must be, the way they can grab such an amazing show of light in a split second...the way I look at things through my camera lens and it just can't even do what I see with the "naked eye" justice.

And I still try.

But tonight, what got me?
"Feelin' that energy in the air?"
Someone asked me...because they know.
I always do. I *love* the electricity in the air, I love that eerie silence...the roar of the thunder, even the crack of the strikes.  Sure, sometimes it gets to the point of fear, but if I really look at it, it's all just amazing.
It just makes me feel alive.
And it makes me want to share it with someone else who understands that.

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