Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Denver: Adventures in Narcolepsy. :)

So, I'm still here And I totally intend on posting more CO stuff, SEE? (I say this cuz as soon as I don't people come out of the woodwork wondering why, which is a nice feeling :D )
So we left off in Boulder. Which again, was an AWESOME start to things.

I left Boulder slightly early afternoon and took the bus back to the airport.  It was HOT HOT HOT. Like, stupid hot. You couldn't sit on the benches at the airport while waiting for the hotel shuttle because they'd burn your butt off. On the way back I was trying to reach a friend I'd wanted to get together with but it didn't pan out. We kept missing each other. If I *had* to have a regret from this trip besides "getting on a plane back to IL" I'd probably say missing out on hanging out with Vanessa, cuz it would have been awesome.

I was insanely sleepy and sunburned, and I got back to my hotel and thought "I'm gonna relax for about ten minutes and then go take a swim before we go out!"
Five hours later, I woke up.
No lie. Literally five hours later.
Honestly though? It was nice.

When I woke up, it was a little later than I would have liked to go walking around an unfamiliar part of a big city, but I remembered there was a hotel that had a pub in it that was just down the lot from us. So I decided to go try it.  Sat down, had a local beer (this would become a theme) and an appetizer, watched the Cubs game that was on, and generally sat and enjoyed myself. I'm not always one who likes to eat alone in a restaurant, around these parts it just seems depressing, but if I'm travelling I somehow forget that feeling. It feels like an adventure. I enjoyed the laid back vibe of Colorado, and everyone was really nice.  Then when I'd had my fill and felt slightly buzzy (thank you altitude) I hit the hotel room again for silly shows and still more sleeping. :)
Took a swim in the morning instead, met a family from Upstate New York, did some laps (not thanks, altitude) and lazed about more until I had to leave for DA SPRINGSSS. :)

So there's not a ton of pictures from the Denver leg, obviously. :P  But honestly? There's something I like about staying in hotels, exploring new restaurants and just getting a day in there to do WHATEVER you want. And while yeah, I still missed there being someone there to share it with, and had certain people in mind, I knew the next day would bring tons more people...and PICTURES, LOTS OF PICTURES.

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