Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Beautiful Distraction

Herein I shall no longer give lengthy excuses about my absence from my personal blog or resolve to do one thing or another. I simply state that I need to be writing more, and that means here too. So, with the ol' fire lit under my posterior, with Spring arriving, and having stuff to share that I unfortunately couldn't share via Chicagoist, I'm back!

Some of you will know of my love of the Chicago Botanic Gardens. They're fantastic. Ever since my mom got a gift membership and started taking me along, I've been taking advantage of every opportunity I get to go explore them.  They're beautiful in every season, and there's always something going on, from the Wonderland Express fun around Christmas to the Orchid Show, which I attended midway through its monthlong stay.

I've got to say, the orchid show really wowed me. Wonderland Express and Butterflies and Blooms are both great, but they always seemed to end just a little too quickly for me.  The orchid show is home to 10,000 different varieties of orchids, and what you see in the first two rooms is only a sampling of what you'll find packed into the tropical and semi-tropical rooms.

This really hit the spot in a time when I was aching for spring, color and the outdoors. But really? It's a show-don't-tell sort of thing. With that in mind...check out my Flickr album. If you're anything like me, it'll pull you out of the doldrums and into an artistic state of mind. :)

Orchid Show 2016- Chicago Botanic Garden

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