Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 6 (and an FBI WARNING)

So here's the day six shtick for this here photo thing.
And the FBI warning, which i'll get out of the way. That will be this. I just got a new camera and a whole lot of free time. I *think* this will help me establish a regular habit of photo a daying. Be warned.

Meanwhile, here's the six A picture that shows your true self.

And I'm posting 3, because I can if I want to. (:p) and because I owe some and because I totally am not following all the rules anyway, so what's one more infraction?

The second one of me in the kiva is the first one that stood out to me when I was trying to find a photo for this.
I was out exploring, I was sharing it with a friend (Kija took this, by the way. And was my awesome c0-adventurer for the trip). This was taken at Bandelier National Monument just outside of Los Alamos, NM in the Jemez Mountains.

That was honestly one of my favorite days in history. It was November and it was a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too cold. We were taking pictures, goofing off, finding bears, facing fears (I did a HUGE ladder climb and I am NOT so ok with heights but I pushed myself and made it.)
This day in particular... I guess it's my optimal idea of me. This is the me I always want to be. Happy, exploring, with friends, pushing myself.

The first one (which....Blogger annoys me with photo layout, cuz my first was supposed to be my second and ...yeah.)...well, I think it speaks to who I am too. Because honestly? I refuse to NOT have fun with life. I refuse to be serious all the time. And my favorite people are the ones who dare to be ridiculous with me. Like Patty, who is the awesomest.
It doesn't mean I don't have focus or can't be serious when it's called for, but I hope I never lose my silly side.

And in lieu of three pics, I give you two. cuz I can.

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