Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sea of Glass-photos from an awesome trip to the lake. :)

So there I was in Kenosha, WI, trying to kill some time while my grandma visited with some of her friends.'s where I usually go to do that. This park on the lake is my sanctuary. By the way, that? That wave right there? That was the one that got me. yep! My own fault, I love the water too much not to be close enough for waves to get me. :)

I've never been here before when it was like this. I think it's AMAZING. The waves hitting the rocks, spraying perfectly clear ice into the air? It hits the water and sounds like tiny little windchimes. And the formations of ice on the rocks? It's....awesome.
I'm a little in heaven. Or a lot. The color of the sky on the snow, the sound of the water, the force of the wind and the waves? Perfect.

My visitors, the ducks. :)
Honestly....who could ask for a prettier place to test out a camera?
This was treacherous, but awesome.
I stood in this spot forever watching the waves crash up on the beach. :)
The ducks like my spot too.
Just a walk in the park, folks. :)

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