Thursday, June 10, 2010

I guess I'm on a Chicago kick?

It's Lou! Lou visited our house today! :)
If you have NOT yet experienced Lou Malnati's, what the heck are you waiting for?
I will tell you this. I have had pizza on nearly every vacation I've been on, meaning I've had it in lots of states. We do it best. Overall, we just do.
Whether it's cracker thin or deep dish.
It's just right.

Not to say there aren't exceptions in other states that are phenomenal, it's just the concentration of amazing pizza here is ridiculous comparatively.

This was celebration pizza, since I have been offered a job. It was delicious celebration pizza, and there was delicious chocolate after dinner too. The job I was offered is exciting and until the offer is through I can't say where, and there's stuff pending in other arenas too...I hate keeping the good under wraps even a little, but I have told some people.

Meanwhile, I am coming up on a nice weekend with friends, so it's been a good day.

Oh, and I gotta say one thing. I have just today randomly, in talking to someone, realized there's someone in my life right now who no matter how much I do to walk away will come find me. And that is a very nice feeling. Just that someone cares enough to look for you if you're not around the way you normally are. I get scared and I walk away and every time, this person shows right back up in my life, at what always seems like the right time.
I love that.
I really love that. To the point it scares me. And I want to walk away.
But somewhere out there, someone will find me, and I'm becoming more and more sure of that.

To bed! Or to...other stuff!

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