Sunday, June 20, 2010


Here's a little ...big insight into me.

We'll call this my two dads.
The second photo...that's my family by blood. That's the man whose name and DNA and weirdly, whose personality, interests and passions I share. He loved the mountains, he loved writing and was good at it, and the list goes on. This here would be one of the only family photographs before this man got taken away from me, way, way too soon. He's someone I'd like to have known more, liked to have stood with, sat with, cried with, laughed with....seen every mountain he ever loved.

The man I'm with present day? He's the guy who not so randomly walked into that role. Him, I've done all of those things with. He's a musician like me, he values silliness and seriousness like I do...he's showed up on an ambulance after a car accident I was in and he's likewise watched Monty Python on his computer with me on his lunch break and my mid-class break when I was going to school.
He's the one who makes it a lot easier on days like Father's Day.

It's never gonna not be hard to know that I didn't get to know, but at the same time...I think I got blessed with someone I can call dad and who considers me daughter right back that's pretty amazing.
And that's all I have to say about that.

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