Friday, June 4, 2010

The thing about haircuts!

I feel so much better.
My haircut was done Wednesday, and I finished the color tonight before my BFF came over.
As much as I would rather take a photo than be in one, I always get the "pics" question from family if I mention getting a haircut. So here we have it.

I have adopted the redhead thing. I thought I might change it up for summer when I first started using this color, but...I love this color. I always felt like a redhead.
So I just...keep it goin' now. :P

Changing your hair is therapeutic, it really is. I like to change it up after breakups, job loss/gains, or any major changes in life. I don't know what it is, just feels like a fresh start.
I really like this particular haircut that my favorite hairdresser did, it has way more layers.
Now that the male audience is gone...

But hey, it's my photo a day.

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