Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 2's Picture! (I suck at titles)

Yet another bad quality picture phone picture...because this day (Sunday) I forgot my actual camera. :)
I'm good at that. Or I leave the battery in the charger. In any case...

I went to a Bridal Expo in Rockford with my brother's fiancee, my mom, Brendan's mom and a bunch of other folks.

That is WAY too much estrogen in one room, let me tell you. It was also roughly the temperature of an oven, only humid, and loud. And one other thing: I think women are worse at lines. I hate to say it, but I believe if it was a bunch of guys they'd be single file and efficient. Maybe. Who knows.

I don't really think about "My wedding" very much. I guess to me, I'd rather think about the person than the wedding itself? I'm sure I'll feel a bit differently when/if that happens, and I can have fun with some of it, but I just don't concentrate on it.

I can tell you a few things I'll probably be particular about, which I discovered at the wedding are the big two. Especially after my sister's disaster photog. Probably food too, because weddings with bad food tend to be remembered for it?

I admit, the fashion show was kinda fun. We were put in the front row by the mothers, so it was Diana and her three bridesmaids. Interesting models..yeahhh. Some of em were very stiff, one was a cougar who knocked back a few too many and had a penchant to shake her butt whenever she could (or shouldn't) and then one was very cheerleadery. Interestingly, the plus size girl walked the catwalk with the most confidence. And she was very plus. But she looked great because she looked like she felt great. Life lessons I spose. Confidence projects beauty.

Anyway, I was glad when it was over, though I did enjoy being with Diana and talkin' to my brother who is now picking out a new Mac (lucky duck!) and all of that. I think I'd rather have computer shopped with him than bridal showed, except that it was fun to pick out the hot male models and heckle the corny dance scene on the runway. :P And I love Diana.

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