Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I could

I could wax poetic about the open road
I could talk about being almost blown to Oz
I could express the deliciousness of a pillow top mattress and a queen suite in OK or the deliciousness of some pizza...
But I think I'm going to put this here...
And go to bed.
Because tomorrow we head home. At least home for me. And my face wants to be shiny and happy when we roll into Socorro.

I will say this. This was my best time through OK for a few reasons:

1. I only got lost mildly for a few minutes, and Curtis, the Aussie GPS man, quickly fixed it.
2. No bees or other evils.
3. The people in the Welcome Center when we first got in? OMG, so insanely awesome. They stopped just short of tying my shoes, swear. We said "hey, we need a map" and got a map, all the info on the Osage Nation (of which I am a part, btw) and the complete guide to the city we needed to get to by tonight. Oh right, and free coffee.
And free stories.
And the one guy was my age and attractive. The mood ring said it was love. Alas...

Anyway, I'm delirious, clearly, so goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

glad you're having fun :-)