Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On the way...

These are the skies over I-55 about an hour or so before we pulled into my aunt's in Jacksonville. Sure, there's no mountains in the distance, but the flatness we so often decry lends itself to nice big open sunsets like this.

Myself, I'm in love with the dramatic cloud picture, but I'm in love with dramatic clouds on open plains like this. Grandma wanted me to take a more colorful shot, which I love too. :)

I'ma do two for one today, because it's a trip, because I'm a punk, and because I don't feel like typing a lot.

I'm gonna sort through the 89 bazillion channels they have here and find something to sleep by.

Lucky for me, I'm a night owl and Mom isn't, so she gets the "first thing in the morning" drives and I get the "ok, it's getting late" ones.

Now if we could just work everything out that way...
Anyway, goodnight from lil' ol Jacksonville and the cozy, creaky, 1907 victorian house I have always loved. Maybe I'll take a picture of that tomorrow...

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