Monday, April 26, 2010

Everything Zen

I got this bouquet from a florist at the bridal show. I love Calla lilies, though they're not in my top five.
Top five: roses (esp. blue girls), water lilies, lilacs, hydrangea, orchid.

I love the lines of these flowers though. And the shadows. They're just elegant.
I took about 33 pictures of these calla lilies, trying to find the lighting and the angles I wanted, and I probably could have gone longer. I may just have a point and shoot right now but it's no excuse not to work on composition.

My mom saw this picture and asked me why I don't "do anything" with my photos. I guess aside from this...
I usually say that I'm not sure I'm good enough to do anything with it, though I know I have the beginnings of a nice portfolio...and that my camera isn't powerful enough or able to do the things I want to do. I started to take a photography class in college but I was paying my own way and I couldn't afford all the extras. Which I was really, really bummed about.
I do love photography though, and I aspire to become better and better at it. And I would be *thrilled* to be paid to take pictures in any aspect. More as framed art than portraits.
I'm a landscape girl.

I have a friend named Erin who can make anyone look...amazing and true to themselves. She does the best candid portraits I've ever seen, and the best posed. It's like she sees exactly who they are and can always translate it in a shot, even if it's a shot of their feet. So hard to explain. Just a gift.

I guess I wonder what my gifts are and how I can use them. The only one I'm sure of is music, and even there I sometimes doubt myself.

Here's my passions: writing, music, photography, cooking, travel...if I could only figure out how to do all that for a living, I think I'd be the happiest girl alive.

For now I'll quietly test the waters.

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