Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3: Don't hate, i know I'm late. A photo of me and a friend....

Here we are! Me and Kija, a few Januaries ago. Probably 2. :)
Kija is awesome. A little bit about her...

I think the first thing you can tell , just from the picture, is how fun she is. Fun and happy. Happy-inducing, too.
At first, Kija was a friend of a friend of a friend....but that changed pretty quickly.

She's enthusiastic, artistic, smart, funny and KIND. More kind than most people. She is ridiculous amounts of fun and she made the lonely days in Los Alamos much less so. I think one of my favorite times with her was when we spent the day out at Bandelier National Monument....both of us adore the outdoors, the beauty and the hiking were amazing, and we can just talk about anything.

We have a lot of the same interests, and we enjoy doing a lot of the same things. But honestly, she's just an amazing friend. I really did have these days out there where I thought I couldn't do it, where I thought everything was falling apart, where I thought I lost EVERYONE. Kija's seen me at my worst and at a few bests, and we've been able to find a way to squeeze the joy out of even the worst times. She took me in on what was the worst night of my life and helped me go back home, even when I didn't know where that was.

And that, my friends, is the definition of a friend.
To Kija! My wine, shopping, silliness, movie, photography buddy with a heart of gold. :p

Love ya! miss ya!
Wish we could meet at Burrito Lady more.

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