Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day One: Post a recent photo and 15 Interesting Facts about yourself

I am so not amused by this for day one, but meh, here we go. :D

This is a recent photo of myself. :D
It reminds me I need to re-dye my hair to get it back this red...

And ..without further bush-beating, let's go with the 15 Random Facts about me. I didn't promise interesting.

15. I'm primarily a musician, that's my main form of art, but I'm also a calligrapher, sketcher and my own personal favorite if I need to sort something out is actually collages, believe it or not.

14. I find the rain ridiculously romantic. I love the fresh smell of the world when it rains, I love the steam that rises from pavement, I love the chills you get, and I love the sound of rain on the rooftops.

13. I want to travel the world. Seriously. I just want to go explore. I don't think that will ever change. I *always* want to go new places and find new things.

12. I still want to own a restaurant and have it be a place full of music, like the Stage Door was.

11. I nearly drowned when I was about 4, out in Wisconsin Dells, when I slipped through the middle of an inner tube on the Lazy River. It was really scary, but I never did fear water or swimming.

10. I go to Lake Michigan to think, to pray, to kinda pick out the pieces of my life. Lake Michigan was my sanctuary out here. Out in NM, it was the overlook in Los Alamos, and in Socorro....well, I felt like i was kinda living in it.

9. I always said I wasn't sure I wanted kids. I still don't know if I do. But somewhere inside of me I know that I'd probably feel weird if I never had them, and every so often I wish I knew what it was like to be that connected to someone.

8. I'm planning on getting a tattoo. One of the best promises someone made me was that they'd share in the experience, and I'm hoping that person still will, but I'm a little afraid to ask them. They're also the only person who understands to the PINPOINT why it has to be a tattoo and why it is what it is.

7. I keep having dreams lately about being betrothed to someone and knowing in my heart it's completely wrong. Last night it was a dream about marrying a guy from HS who's successful and sweet when all along I was standing beside a man who was the one I really wanted to be with. I'm not liking those dreams.

6. This house makes me feel more connected to life here. And every night I love the window open and being up here on the third floor, because it's high up enough I can see the stars like I could when I was living in NM.

5. I am in constant fear I will stay here for one reason or another. I'm also afraid to not be here because I know that things change everywhere and I'll have to readjust all over again. It doesn't change my mind that I love New Mexico even if everyone I knew there wasn't there anymore, but it just scares me to settle for here, but also to go out there again.

4. I'll bury this here, because I always try to bury it some. I miss my dad. There are days when i think about him, about something random. I look at a picture and see the resemblance, so strong...and I wish I knew more than that I looked like him. I wish I knew *him*. And I have a great dad here, but there's no replacement. And I grew up ok, doesn't change the missing.

3. I get angry when I get called naive. I'm really anything but. At times I feel bitter and hardened. But I don't feel like apologizing for having my heart on my sleeve nor do i want to be mocked for it. It is what it is, it's who I am. I care. I'm done apologizing for it. If you are in my life in any regular fashion, I care about you, deeply. Deal with it.

2. I still really hate being called Muriel. It still makes me mad.

1. I am not ready to hit 30. I feel behind.

Ok, well that was....cathartic. I can't wait til I don't have to find 15 talking points on myself.

But hey, that's a picture, and day one!


Sarah said...

I can't believe people call you MURIEL. Ew. I'd hate it too! No offence to people who are actually named Muriel, of course, but Mariel is so much prettier.

Lizzie said...

I will go with you and get a tattoo if you want. I still have not gotten the tattoo I promised myself after I finished the Chicago Triathlon.

tarantella said...

i must not have notifications on liz, sorry! It'd be fun to go with you on that. If you already got one, do share what and where. If not, we have some talkin' to do. :)