Thursday, March 3, 2011


I hate "cool" as a concept. That you need to buy/wear/do something to fit in to someone's idea of awesome.
I especially hate what it does to people. And I'm gonna be controversial for a moment here...I hate what it does to men. Because I've known some that are SO good, or maybe more accurately COULD be so good, who have wonderful hearts... and all they hear is the cool mantra....
which says you need to be a dick to be cool. That you need to sleep with a lot of girls to be cool. That you should play games when you're dating.

For girls? It's that you have to have a status bag, that being a bitch is cool...there's so many things...

I guess I just hate that it's that important. I want to know people for people.  Not for the bullshit that surrounds them.

Anyway, that's something I hate.
Sweet potatoes are a close second. :p

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