Saturday, March 26, 2011

This picture actually stirs me up right now.
I feel weird saying this to other people, though here I am saying it in open air, but I seriously just ache for this again.
And I don't know why. It's something I just feel.  I feel like something is missing without the mountains.

Which is weird, because I was without it for most of my life. I'd never experienced it before high school. Not even a little.

And holy cow, I am excited to see Shannon and the baby and to just travel in general, and the road trip will be fun. And maybe it's wrong to say this, but the very FIRST thing that makes my heart leap into my throat about this trip (in a good way) is that I'm going back THERE.  That I can wake up and see THAT.  Just be around it.  I dunno. It's power and it's time and it's massive. It's the actual meaning of awesome.

I miss being around something that infinite and impossible every day.

This week should be amazing. We're gonna take the baby to the zoo, I'll try and sneak out to hike when I can...get to cook for my sister and babysit so they can have a date night... It should be excellent.

I hit that point tonight where I got cold feet and didn't want to go. I always do. I was all "but like, what if it's uncomfortable sleeping? What if things are weird? What if I'm...yeah. Totally crazy. :) I like to travel. I like to explore. I like to hang out with my sister, and I like her husband.  I miss having dogs so it'll be great to goof off with her two.  The weather should at least not be SNOWY, I hope.  Holy cow, it'll be great.

Now to just get there.
A brave new world!

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