Thursday, March 17, 2011

So this isn't my picture, but it does crack me up. :)
I'll probably post something else a bit later, but wanted to wave at the general universe. :)
Went to a St. Patrick's Day breakfast within walking distance of my house today.  It was rowdy, but fun. Met some fun folks, had scrambled eggs with corned beef and cabbage in em (seriously. it was weird, but good), potatoes and some craft beers at the brewery.

I also sang. On air. Those of you who know me well will know that's...unlikely to have ever happened. I mostly loudly read off a sheet of paper torn from the wall.  We won sweatshirts that said Chi-rish, which I love, even though it's huge.  have tons of beads, and Duco Buttafuoco from 95 WIIL rock dyed my hair neon green.

It was definitely good times.
I'm about to go wrap up my soda bread and check on the corned beef and cabbage. :)
And probably nap.
Totally going to Wind Ensemble with green hair. :p

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