Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Here's the scoop, poop. 

I decided to table the project I was doing because I actually think it's making me want to post LESS. Especially on days when I know the project and it's not one that I particularly feel connected to.
I take a lot of pictures and I feel like stuff comes from that a lot more naturally. So...I'll use it if I get stuck, but for now...I'm gonna do what I feel like doing. 

I love this guy.
He was mid-honk when I took this picture.  Went out to Butler Lake on the bike yesterday to see what was out there to see.  The Canadian geese are hopping around on the ice but hopefully won't be able to do so much longer. I'm definitely awaiting spring.  Not patiently. 

I really cannot wait til everything is green again. There's only so much brown and cold you can take in a year. 

So here's my happy homage to the fun little geese.   Later, perhaps, something more substancey. But honestly, they were fun to observe.

He has a girlfriend :P

and a good strut.

                                            This was his posse. :) 

anyway, today, I felt like a silly goose. :P  So I figured I'd just share my adventures with the Canuckies.

I am liking this photo a day thing my way.  I think it'll be more interesting.

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