Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's not cheating!

So I suppose the people who know me best would expect me to cop out of this next "assignment" in the photo blog. And it's true, I'm not one to lay bare that kind of thing in a public forum like this. Though sometimes I think "why not? There's a certain awesome part of being so in love and letting everyone know it".
I guess to me love is intimacy and has a certain aspect of the sacred. And while I don't need it to be secret, I kind of like the idea of just letting it explode when it's ready to.  When I'm ready for it and when whoever it is that I'm readying for is ready for it.  Obviously, if you read a few posts back, you'd know I've been in love my fair share of times thus far.  And in thinking about it just now I can say this....the coolest thing, to me, was not ever the advertising. I think some people go out of their way to advertise how SO IN LOVE they are and how FANTASTIC THEIR FABULOUS LOVER IS. PERFECT LIFE. SEXY HUSBAND.  And ok, cool, good on you if you're really that happy, but sometimes it reads sorta insincere or haughty.  That's not what I'm looking for.

I think the most exciting times, to me, in that respect, were being told out of the blue by strangers that they SAW the love.  Because to me, though sometimes it was jarring...almost always a little jarring, was kind of amazing.  It was so neat to have someone say "you know, I look at you guys, and I just SEE that you love each other".
I guess it's an old writer's mantra: show, don't tell.

Anyway, so...I'm breaking that rule right now, but anything my heart's tied up in right now is mine, and it's not ready to be shown or told.

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