Monday, February 28, 2011

My Hollywood boyfriend...

Day 11 - Your celebrity crush Day 12 - A picture of something you love Day 13 - A picture of something you hate Day 14 - Picture of someone you could never imagine your life without Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die Day 16 - Someone you would want to switch lives w/ for one day and why Day 17 - Your favorite song Day 18 - Picture of your biggest insecurity Day 19 - A picture of someone you miss Day 20 - A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy Day 22 - A picture that confuses you Day 23 - Something you crave for a lot Day 24- A picture of yourself and a family member Day 25 - Picture of yourself and a family member Day 26 - A picture of something that means alot to you. Day 27 - A picture of something your afraid of Day 28 - A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then? Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile Day 30 - Who are you?

THIS one I fully expect to enjoy. Especially since I get to picture surf for a good one of him.  :) Oh yes, I'll be enjoying this shortly.  Now, I do have a man I fully think is hotter than the surface of the sun too, but he's married, so for now, we'll go with my new squeeze because he's on the market. And damn cute.

Day 10 I sidestepped a little, but twice bitten twice shy, right? 
I did it, I just didn't post a picture of someone inparticular.  (For those of you wondering WTF about now, the Day 10 thing was to post a picture of someone you can see yourself marrying or being with in the future. And yeah, it was out of my comfort zone to do that even if I did have someone in mind.)

Ok, to the FILES!
(Enter one irritating fight with Google Chrome which had to be aborted for a visit to Firefox) 

Just the right mix of curly and tall. Sweet, funny, can sing. Can be taken home to Mom, yet is not annoyingly fundie or crazy.  Is really really sexy. And cute. And nerdy. And funny.  And NICE. Genuinely, legitimately nice. At least from any direct interviews I've watched with him and reading his online entries.

I really like this man.

And no, i haven't abandoned Mr. Boreanaz, but like I said, he's occupado and Mr. Levi here isn't. But he could be. Call me?

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