Friday, February 25, 2011

Project! I'm on course! I'm gonna keep up! No realli!

Both the pictures I thought of for this one were this fuzzball. Having a pet is an amazing thing. Having an alien cat with satellite ears that can unhinge her jaws? Even better.
My first thought when I look at this is..."wow, that's slightly disturbing" ...but then I just marvel at the shape and picture the terrible kitty breath.

Between the big ears, the myriad crazy vocal sounds, the games we play on the staircase and her propensity to get in just enough trouble to be forgiven immediately and no more... I adore her. Such a neat little fuzzball.

I may not have thought I was ready for a new cat when my friend Peter gave her to me, as mine had just passed away, but she was instantly lovable.  She may be a one person cat, but she's kept this one person sane through so, so much. She's been cross country with me and moved plenty of times with me, and she's always there with a cold nose and some cuddles when I need it most.
And crazy disturbing alien mouth.

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