Saturday, February 26, 2011

project, y'all

I think these are the perfect two for this post. 
The two of them are my best friends. They're the two I can talk to without having to worry about where that information goes. I trust them both in ways I don't trust anyone else outside of my own family.  Both of these people have helped me through incredibly hard times in my life, both have opened up their homes to me and helped me at the moments I needed it most.  They've both encouraged me and showed me so much love, and I couldn't live without either of them. Which sounds cliche and over-sentimental, but honestly.

Bill, he knows the darkest corners. He's talked to me at some of the scariest moments in my life and managed to always let me know there was someone there. And no matter what happened he has never failed to come through. It's funny, I was mentioning two movies I would never watch around other people with him last night (mostly because they strike this place that I don't like striking in the company of others and because I usually can't keep from crying like a total freak) and in writing this I think... you know, I don't consider him other people anymore. There's so many REAL places I've not wanted to share with anyone that I shared with him...movies be damned. 

Patty: She swooped in and things have never been the same. Like a vulture of awesome.  Only that's the wrong metaphor. Yeah. Still...she's someone I can absolutely confide in, trust, laugh with, and someone who's ALSO been a constant. We went on our first non family vacation together, we lived together, and we've always been able to find the fun.  She's a pocket full of awesome, as they say.  I'm so grateful to have been able to move with them at the time that I was really an awful time...the divorce thing was happening and I was incredibly mad at the world and sad and confused and kind of lost.  And I got to move in and was made to feel like part of the family. :) I still remember the relief I felt when I went over for dinner at their house and their mom suggested it.  I just NEEDED to get away, and it let me be close enough to not have to change everything.  But honestly? I admire the wit, the strength, the silliness and the smarts of this woman.  She's truly awesome. 

I think that covers today's. :P

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