Friday, April 15, 2011

Colorado The Saga! Part One: A New Hope

Sooo...long overdue. But here's the story...of a lovely lady? Who...had to get out of the state for a while lest she go completely crazy. And her equally lovely friend Sarah who was going to see her man, man. And who was willing to let her friend tag along on the road trip so she could she her sister and her sister's new baby. Long overdue=long introduction? Sure.
Anyway, we blasted off from the IL around 11 am, car full of stuff and head full of...well, nerves and excitement. Tummies not full of lunch. So...we hit an oasis. Now little did we know that this oasis would change our lives FOREVER. *insert ominous music here*  It was to be foretold! (using bad grammar). THE END OF THE WORLD.

Yep. Little did you know it was not in 2012. Guess you'd best move up your plans. Me, I'm invited to dinner the day after the world ends, and I'm thinkin go fhaving an End of the World party. I have a fun theme within a theme too.
So there we were, two women on the road. This was Iowa and Nebraska, so I can't say that much happened., though I did see the speedway near Newton at the same time as I saw a Raynor truck, which was incidentally around the time I was thinking about those to whom that might be significant. You know who you are. We also discovered we were hired, and that Nebraska hates trees.

We hit Omaha without major traffic and with just enough in us to coast to a Cracker Barrel. There was food, phone calls, no rolling, which I'm sure we both enjoyed, and a fortuitous purchase to facilitate late night silliness.

Fortuitous, no? I think those are the muppet glasses...
I wound down with some Criminal Minds, and thus ended Day 1.
Day 2:
Morning had broken…I hate when that happens. As per usual I marvelled at Sarah’s morning person awakeness and generally grumbled and stumbled my way out of bed, the shower, and eventually the hotel room.

We hit this diner (not literally :P) that was just your good ol’ USA hometown diner…with a giant chicken in their front lawn.

Being that this was NE and we were due in Colorado…that’d be the last point of interest in Nebraska. And of course, it’d seem like forever til we hit Colorado.
Even breaking the Nebraska deathlock wasn’t that exciting…for awhile. My hobby was to gaze longingly at the horizon waiting for mountains. But that’s because I’m a nerd. I like big rocks and I cannot lie. No? Ok.

It took awhile, but there were pretty pastures of horses and smelly pastures of cows to keep us semi busy until then. Yay?

Around lunchtime we finally got our mountains. I got a little chile, and a bonus view of a man with the most gorgeous blue eyes this side of anywhere.

About 2 more hours and very little patience for the road later, we finally hit Colorado Springs, Pike’s Peak, Sarah’s Kevin, my sister and one reallllly adorable nephew.

I was rewarded for my arrival with a ribeye and respite for the rest of the evening. And the knowledge that I was back out where I belonged.  It was awesome to catchup with the sis, hold the baby, have a beer with Adam, and play with the pups.

So ends part one of our epic tale. My hand hurts. I’ma go read now.

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