Sunday, April 17, 2011

Colorado: The Empire Strikes Back

Or something like that. :)
When last we talked of this trip, I'd just arrived, and been treated to steak by the lovely husband of my sister. :)
Beer, steak, bonding with canines...
That next day we stuck mostly to the area, took Collin to his doctor's appointment (where this guy coming out of the office took one look at Collin and said "Is that the new 2011 model? And shan and I laughed and said "yep!" so he goes "all the features?" to which I retorted "he even comes equipped with smile!" and touched his cheek to try to get him to smile for the guy) , and I went to get the stuff we needed to make pizza for everybody that night. And some random other stuff, to include ACTUAL GREEN CHILE.  Not that I was excited about this or immediately bought some or anything...
Oh wait...I did.

It's weird when things occur to you. Sometime that day when Shannon and I got back in the car and I was on my way back to the house with her...I just felt that wash of home over me. Or at least where I wanted home to be.  It's just something you feel. It was some combination of the music on the radio and the way the sun felt and the mountains looked...I just kinda had a moment to breathe it all in and remember how it felt to be out there, and how much I loved it.

 So that was that night. The pizza didn't turn out quite the way I'd hoped, but it worked out. And we all just kinda chilled and talked.   It's definitely good getting to know Adam better.

Wednesday Sarah and I met up to go to Cheyenne Canon.  I'd been there before with Shannon and we got some directions from her to get back.   I was *really* looking forward to getting out and playing in the beautiful weather and climb around.  Definitely something I always want to do when I'm out there. And it's so much more fun to take someone somewhere like that when they haven't been, so I was really excited about the drive out and the exploring once we got there.  It was also gorgeous yet again that day, if windy, but blue sky and sunshine all over.
Stocked with water and cameras we headed out.  Here's some pics from that day. :)

There's just something about being up's amazing. It's exactly my favorite place on earth.  The air is so clear and the sky is so blue...and it was so peaceful. There were other people various places on the trail, but you could just sit and absorb it all too.  I love the smell of the pines and the sound of the waterfalls in the background.  Just over those peaks you can see Colorado Springs, but it's so far removed from that world.  It's awesome.

So we stayed and took pictures and wandered some on our own and some together...and I pondered living somewhere I could go do things like that regularly again, like during my time in Los Alamos when I'd sit at the overlook on the rocks and watch the sun set.  I climbed up WAY too high at one point on what someone told us was a trail that was above our trail, which I confirmed later.  It was half stupid and half awesome.  Stupid awesome?  It was really high up.  I was scrambling up rock faces and loose earth.  The me that was terrified of heights was definitely being shoved aside at that point. I keep gaining ground with that, no pun intended...and it's mostly due to the views you can find at the top.  It's just awesome. 

so semi weird picture of me, but this is when i was at the top of my climb for the day.  I have to laugh though, because the expression is kind of the way I felt when I looked behind me just before I turned around to take a look at the view up top.  "eh....that's...high...i'm....frightened...but yay?"
And here's Sarah from my vantage point...

You can't *see* her expression but I'd venture it's "geez...I hope she doesn't die"
We came down and had an awesome drive down the canon again as well. Stopped to take pictures, took some with my head hanging out of the window like a was a fantastic day.  Colorado is awesome, and I belong in the mountains, and I belong out West.
That's basically the gist of it.  Have a look-see at some sights, see?

On any given day, this is what my dreams are made of.  Final installment later. :P

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