Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So...new job, new skills, new everything.
And it's spring, so...I guess we're in the right season for that sort of thing.  I've been waiting for things to change... and now that they have, I'm grateful, if sometimes a little wary of what's going on.

Since I've started my new job, I've gotten at least 4 hits for other jobs, people interested in interviewing me. One of them is very very close to home, doing something I've done that I do well but don't particularly like, another is marginally closer to home but doing something more focused on what I *want* to do with my skills and experience, and another is closely related to a job I already had and grew to like.  It's exciting to be on the other end of the search, where people are calling YOU, but it's confusing.

Do I take the job that's super close to home because the car is old and may not last forever and gas is really expensive? Gives me more free time because the commute is nonexistent? Is permanent where the others are temp to perm?  Do I take the job that pays 2 dollars more an hour than my current contract and is 2 months longer with a possibility to go perm? That is closer to what I'd like to focus my job skills on?  Or how about the one that's very closely matched to my role at a former job?

I hate decisions like that. And above all, I like where I'm working now, but of all the jobs, they have the lowest pay, the funkiest hours, and it's furthest away.  But the environment is nice.  But how nice can it be? Nice enough to override benefits, and the prospect of permanence? They have some permanent openings, but even still, the gas bill my Jeep's racking up is not to be scoffed at.

Decisions and revisions that a moment will reverse...
I always run into that.

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