Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leave it to the airwaves

Leave it to music to take a crappy day and just... melt it away somewhere in the notes on a page.  I always laugh at myself on Thursdays, because there's this part of me that's like "Ugh, I don't feel like going out tonight, I want to stay at home" and it's as if I forget what the music does for me. Because when I get in the Jeep on the way home, there's a million notes that have crossed my fingers and leapt from the page that are coursing through my veins.  And nothing else really matters.

The power of it all still easily gives me chills. This time around we're playing a few pieces that are very evocative. One is called Equus, and I adore it. It's as the name would suggest, about the horse.  It's full of all sorts of traditional and non traditional things, but it paints this crystal clear picture in my head. And more than that, you get to live the horse, keep the pace of its hooves on the ground, be the wind in its get to be the paintbrushes showing that to people. Then there's another called Angels in the Architecture where it's a battle of light vs. dark, constantly grappling for power. I picture all the buildings in Chicago with the gargoyles atop, shadows falling over them and being erased again.

Just the way 65 some pieces (if memory serves) sound. The way it FEELS when you're tumbling towards the crest of a giant wave of sound.  There's points it builds to and I get goosebumps just being in the middle of it. THIS is where I live.  Nothing that happened that day can touch me.

I always leave energized and excited to do it all over again.
If only I remembered more often...the music always, ALWAYS washes away the rest of it.
And if that makes me a band be it.

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