Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colorado: Return of the Jedi?

So. I've been postponing more than the Cubs lately, because I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do to get all the rest of the CO experience in one blog post. And I decided to go doubleheader with it (yeah, it's baseball season, that's where my head is today) and just do pictures with "captions"

There's so many things I just want to *show* that I'd rather just do that than tell a whole lot, you know?
Let's go!

Daddy and kiddo. I kind of have a strong affection for these types of shots, for obvious reasons.
Pause to brag on my nephew: He's a genius. He can already do TONS of things on the list for babies at least a month older than him. 

And this castle-esque scene right here is The Broadmoor. Shannon, Sarah, Collin and I packed ourselves up and went here to see the grounds and have a nice lunch one afternoon while I was out there. It's REALLY fancy and offers fantastic views of the surrounding mountains. I would love to get to stay in the Broadmoor. You can also tell why it's an International 5 Star Hotel. We couldn't get 5 feet in any direction before someone wanted to help us with doors and absolutely anything else we needed and we were just visiting for lunch. :) Oh right, and something about golf... :P

It's a nice place to float around
My sister. I love her to pieces, and it's amazing to see her with her baby. I miss her since I've left. It was just nice to see her every morning again for a while.  The thing about your sister is you don't really need to be talking about anything important or anything at all to enjoy their company.  Same with anyone you really love, I guess...

oh hey look i was there. :)

Non sequitur, sorta. Are there any sequiturs in this format? Maybe not... Anyway, I love this dog. Like, adore him. He's sweet. And he's silly. And his smushy face makes SO many expressions.  He's the lovable oaf.

The whole family. :)

Ok, and you can't deny this puggle's cuteness factor. He too is a sweetheart.  And has the softest ears ever.

And here's Manitou Springs where I will hopefully be returning in August for Kija's wedding! Shan, Adam, Collin and I visited here before I introduced them to the greatness which is Costco. :P

I went into this little book and wine shop, and this was their reading nook in the basement. I *love it*. I wish I had a little place to sit and read that was EXACTLY this.

So on the last full day in CO, I wanted to hike again. I was gonna go alone to Red Rocks Canyon Free Space, but Sarah was able to go at the last minute. I have to gawk even at the photo. HOW does the sky get THAT.BLUE.  I  The weather was fantastic this day. 85 or higher, painfully blue sky, amazing sun... God I love Colorado.

Ugh. Gah. Argh.

All I want is to be places like this for the rest of my life. Really.

Honestly. This is what drives me. This is what I want to be close to, and explore. I go out here and I feel totally free, and like the world is still...amazing and vast.  I want to just...pour myself into it and capture it somehow. I *love* it here. I *need* places like this in my life way more often...
This is just where I live.

I think this guy agrees with me.

Well, there you have it. :) 
Regular picture a days ensue after this. It's time for a bath.
God I miss Colorado, my sister, and the kiddo.

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