Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Kind of A Short Story/ What Happens Next

Good evening. 
Pardon the whisky tinted post last night.
I only said I'd write. I didn't say it'd be compelling or untarnished.

Just like I only said I'd walk,
I didn't say I'd run for miles.
And some days I'd hobble.

(Just like I said I love you
But it doesn't mean I know how that works all the time
Or what to say or do, or that I'll ever always do it right...but that IS a long story, one you learn with everyone you love your whole life until it gets good enough, right?)

Today was spent with good friends, relaxing, shopping, eating, laughing and sharing things with.
Some of those friends I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to, nor will I ever be.  Some of those friends I hope to see more often than I see now.

I guess we wait and see what's next.
And we keep moving, because you can't just stop when it hurts. 

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