Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Well, hey. :) Things are goin' ok with this daily commitment thing. I still drag my feet sometimes.  It was raining when I left for my walk and my friends were waiting for me, and I still went. And even though I was just going downtown and I've walked this walk a hundred times, I went.

And I enjoyed it, listening to my music, tucking my crazy paisley umbrella behind my head...
I even enjoyed chatting with the lady at the olive oil store.

Truth be told, I like small towns.  I like the history, like this old painted lady house that's been restored to its former glories. I like the gazebos and old cemeteries. I like the neighborhood bars and local shops, and seeing the same people involved in tons of things.

I didn't realize how much until I lived in Socorro.  That was a stereotypical small town.  It sounds awful to have the whole town know about everything, and sometimes you wish they'd just can it, but it was also the town that, when I was sad on my birthday and decided to go out anyway last minute...showed up.  24 people.  I could almost never get more than a handful of people I knew WAY longer to make time in their schedules for something like that back in IL.  I remember how much it changed my mood seeing person after person come in the door to eat dinner with me... don't think I'll ever forget that.

I like the feeling that people really care about people, even if it's too much sometimes and sometimes it's gossip. 

Today I was sitting on a couch in Round Lake giggling about the Frisbee lady and talking about when my friend found out she was pregnant, and being thankful for the family you have that you DID get to pick.

Remember that's what your close friends are, and remind them you love them too.
And that's my fortune cookie statement for the day.

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