Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sometimes you wanna go..

Tonight was a Chicago night.
Tonight I didn't get my first choice or even my second, in some ways.

But I got out, and I did something I really wanted to do just because I wanted to do it.
I was already feeling cooped up and completely at the mercy of other people (I figured that wouldn't taken long with no car) and just getting out the front doors to head down to the train station in Libertyville felt good.

The walk along Wells did me some good, just clearing my head, getting me to areas of the city I hadn't been in a while...

Stopping into Adobo made me get out of my shell some, since the place was packed for Cinco De Mayo and there was nowhere to sit unless you sat at the bar. I met a really nice older lady and her son, chatted up the bartender and lamented the random bs that happens in life with a girl with a cool hat and a bad wifi connection.  Had some good tequila, some great sopes, and listened to a fantastic mariachi band.

I love that music. It's colorful and flamboyant and vibrant.  Then a patron of the restaurant asked if they knew a particular song, and he sang.  He had the most amazing voice...floated over the din of the busy place easily, and rang out wonderfully.  I just thought "man, I want to play with these guys" and start to think about all the other things I wanted to do.

Sometimes, even though you want to share things you love with people you love, you should just do them no matter what happens.
I grabbed a great friend, did some city exploring on my own, tried a new place for drinks (ended up getting a free drink from a great bartender too!) and then laughing my butt off at Second City seeing Kumail Nanjiani.  I even got to meet him and his wife afterwards and nerd a little about video games.  We then hit up a fancy French place for a nightcap and here I am now. 

All that to say this: do your own thing.  Stop worrying if people think you're weird or ditzy or too something or something else...why let someone tear you down for who you are? Wouldn't you rather be around people who just want to be with you with no caveats?

You're you.
Do you.

Because some of the best times you can have are when you strike out on your own and really just...have the kind of night you'd be home wishing you had if you'd talked yourself out of going alone.

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