Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two mugs...

Now that I think about it, this blog started off with two mugs.

Different, matching ones.  But two mugs either way.

And I think the reason was pretty much the same.  Last night I was not in a good place.  If you needed any proof of that, all you need to do is press the pretty little "Previous" button on the page.

But when I finally settled down, I saw these two mugs on my coffee table and I realized that I'd lost sight of something.

That morning, I wasn't sitting alone getting ready to go sell my car to a wrecker.   I wasn't taking a cab because I had to go out there early in the morning. I wasn't even checking my watch because I asked for 7 and got 6:59.

I was drinking coffee and watching the IT Crowd and forgetting about it for a little while.   And there might have been someone more fun to be with than someone who was really really attached to their car and who was sore and still kind of in shock about everything that changed in the course of a minute or so during a car crash, and worried about how much farther back she'd fall...but it's not always about easy.

Sometimes it's that you weren't alone for it.

All I can say is...two mugs... so much better than one.

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