Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bullet the Blue Sky- Sunday Bulletin'

It's Sunday! And because I'm weird, I'm bulleting today instead of yesterday. It's more because yesterday, I just..didn't. So here we are, and I'm giving you today, in fun and funky little bullets.
Maybe purple ones.

  • Purple bullets!
  • Wake up late because baking sourdough until 3 am
  • Take a shower to try and function so I can hit Jewel for things we need for demiglace
  • Realize it's almost 80 out, roll all windows down and turn on radio en route to Jewel. Spring, where the hell had you been hiding?
  • Jewel is: being remodeled, has no AC on, is packed, and I hate my life. Supermarket sweep. And damn, they have no thyme.
  • On to Garden Fresh, also packed, but cooler. Get thyme! Race back to house. Sweat.
  • Boyfriend in midst of demiglace making, wearing apron, attractive. It is hot in here too though. Whyyyy.
  • Help some, take out trash, recycling and do dishes. Eat goulash for lunch. A hot meal. Whyyyy?
  • Convince boy that if he's making demiglace from scratchy scratch, I surrender total control of kitchen to him and therefore do not wish to make enchiladas, because that project and his would not combine well.
  • Dream of tonight's tacos that I will pick up from the best Mexican place in town/county/state possibly.
  • Surf internet, catch up on blog
  • Order mats for cat food and water bowls to go on, purple kinky desk fan for hot weather days
  • Leave this post up, updating occasionally. See where it goes. 
  • Nap?
  • Nope. Order tacos. Lose keys. Check rose bushes, which look good!
  • Get food situated for everyone, pour self a Belgian Red from New Glarus. CHERRIES!
  • Get "torpedo burrito". Attempt full consumption. Give up halfway through.
  • Decide to fit more liquid cherries inside of me.
  • Play Dark Souls 3
  • Think about if I'm going to do laundry tonight. Think about not doing it. Think about how I should do it. 
  • Actually start Dark Souls 3. I can put it in on a break?
  • Am helping make espagnole sauce, as a mute prep cook. Think we pulled off the mis en place
  • I'm actually progressing a lot today in Dark Souls 3. On my own. Maybe forward motion is possible!
  • Finish torpedo burrito. Start sourdough bread post for 52 weeks of cooking at the last minute again. Dammit, this year it's been hard to keep up!
  • Make stupid jokes, snuggle and go back to work on sourdough
  • feel tired. want to nap. no laundry done yet. can nap?
  • Plan on sleeping til forever tomorrow. Want cookies.
  • Was supposed to go to walgreens for sympathy card and one to send mom. cookies?
  • Look at my smart, busy, determined man as he runs to the kitchen for the 45th time intent on making demiglace. Smile because I love him.
  • Demiglace takes forever to make. This bullet list is getting long. 
  • Oh yeah, finished the sourdough post. All pics edited, resized, text added and on reddit. Still really proud that I can make bread rise without commercial yeast.
  • I am tired.
  • I don't want to go to bed while he's still stove slaying, so...keep busy by gaming? If I watch tv I will probably nap. Ok, fine, Dark Souls. I'll try you.
  • For those keeping track at home, both of us love to cook, but this is a project that my love has wanted to do for forever, so I am but an assistant. I had my tornado thing, he's got his demi-glace. 
  • This makes a gallon of demiglace. So like...where are we putting that? What are we doing with it?
  • Either way, I love his focus and dedication and determination.
  • No laundry, no Walgreens. Tomorrow I really should garden. Things are already piling up.
  • Oy. It's almost 2. Demiglace has a ways to go. Teh bummer.
  • I think this is enough of a bullet day. Goooodnight blogland.

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