Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ten for Nothin'

I think I'm just having a rough day, but I don't think "Name a fruit you dislike" gives me anything to work with today.

That said, I love pomegranates, so the picture is just....cuz I thought it was pretty.

I am not a fan of grapefruit. Too weirdly bitter. It just tastes bitter to me. I could dump three cups of sugar on it, and there's some weird bitter sensation that it leaves me with.

Not a fan.

Speaking of bitter, today has been just that. Bitter.
I really just want to go to bed and let it pass.
There's a lot on my mind but I don't really want to talk about it to anyone.
I'll sum up with an example. There's this game I'm about to be finishing called Demon's Souls. And I keep hitting my head against the same walls in the game. Like, it's the 15th run, I know there's a bad guy around the corner, I know he'll stab me to death if I don't put my shield up, but for the 15th time, I run around the corner and fail.

I know how to put my shield up.
I know he's there.
I know about the stabbing.
And yet.

At least with a game, eventual success is still success. With real life, you could have done a lot of damage that isn't gonna reverse by the 16th time when you get it right.

Throw three cups of sugar on it and I still won't like today.

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