Sunday, April 17, 2016

Day Swap! And Words To Live By!

I was all like "Omg, behind again!"

But then I was like..."This is MY Internets. I do what I want!"

So what I'm going to do, is I'm going to take yesterday's, which is bulleting my day, and do that today. Then, I'm going to do the quote thing right nowlike, because I save quotes like it's my job, and I have at least one or two that came to mind IMMEDIATELY.

From what I've sourced through the years on it, this is a Pueblo blessing. But in the end, if it isn't, whoever said it was right, I think. 

Hold on to what is good
even if it is a handful of earth.
Hold on to what you believe
even if it is a tree that stands by itself
Hold on to what you must do
even if it is a long way from here.
Hold on to life
even when it is easier letting go
Hold on to my hand
even when I have gone away from you.

And you know, I think this one will be the only one I put up.

I do, incidentally, have a handful of earth that I hold on to, quite literally. I took some red dirt from New Mexico when my mom and I went on our epic road trip, added some dried cactus, turquoise, and a few native rocks, and a little pine cone I found in Water Canyon, and I put it in a square, lead crystal vase, like a terrarium. To remind me that I'd gone and chased my dream, and it was all real. To remind me that it's my goal to get back there. To enjoy having a piece of it wherever I go.

Holding on to what you believe is harder, especially as I struggled to figure out what I believe vs. what I was told to believe. Then there's the harder task of standing up for that even if it's not popular or if it goes against what loved ones say. I need to find gentleness yet still be firm, and this one's a life goal. 

I like that it says to hold on to what you must do even if it's a long way from here, because to me, it pushes me. It reminds me change isn't always easy and I still have to do what's right no matter how hard it is. I've made the choice before and suffered the fallout but there's times I've shied away from it too. If your heart tells you to go somewhere, you gotta go.

The next one...well, speaks to hardships. No matter what, don't give up. It would be easier to let go, probably, and at some point even for a moment, I know many of us have felt that. But...we press on. We try. We fail, we try again. It's what we do, and I want to always keep doing that.

And for me? That last part tells me to remember everyone you love in everything you do. Hold on to those memories, those lessons, those hard times...keep them with you. If you don't have that many memories, then that's ok, but treasure and protect the ones you do have. 

So yeah.

I think it's a primer. And I think I'm gonna keep trying to go by it.

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