Sunday, April 24, 2016

My House Is Rising But I Am Not?

So hey! It's me, back from the depths I disappeared into. Seriously though, I need to try to reinforce writing as a habit, and I need to make sure I catch up if not keep up, and then keep going after the prompts finish.


We were on 21. This is all about the sign, which you saw or didn't see, and which did or did not open up your eyes.

My particular sign is Sagittarius, though I am, as it happens, on the cusp of Scorpio. I was once told that I could have my picture in the dictionary under Sagittarius, because I was so typical of it. I do have some of the traits that people attribute to it, like a wanderlust, a hatred of routine, creativity, etc. I have some scorpio stuff too, like a strong desire to keep to myself, though that's a function of introversion too.  This could be telling or totally coincidental depending on how you look at it, and that's all I've got to say about that.

Next, for 22, it's morning routines.

IF I were to have one, it's hitting snooze for another half hour, complaining, getting out of bed, feeding the kitties while the bf does the medicine rounds, then sleepily either making the bf coffee or standing around the kitchen while he makes the coffee, one or the other. We then lumber into the living room for some light internet browsing before figuring out what it is we're doing that day.

That's a typical day. Picture doing everything as if you're slogging through mud, slowly and quietly and resentfully. Morning and I were never friends.

Let's knock out 23 also. It asks for a family member you dislike. First, I wouldn't really put that here, and second, I really like my family. Sure, we have issues here and there, and feelings have been hurt in the past, but we always seem to work it out and we're there for each other when it matters, and in fact, I have a pretty close family. So...yep!

One whole post after this for 24, and then tomorrow's shall go tomorrow. :)

Catch'd and up!

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