Saturday, April 16, 2016


If nothing else, I found the appropriate  picture for this post.
Today: Pet peeves. Here's a pet, and he looks peeved. In this case, it's my sister's pet Rufus, and he's peeved because he's not invading the bed with his 80 pound self to snuggle.  This peeve would soon be a non-issue.

So...what are mine?

The first one I thought of is online applications.  You upload your resume, make a great cover letter happen, and then you spend 3 hours re-entering everything you just entered. Not only that, but many of them are powered by the same 3 terribly unstable HR software systems which will inevitably eat what you wrote and make you enter it again, or do something like this:

IT: Phone number invalid
YOU: No, that's real. *deletes and re-enters*
IT: Nope
YOU: *re-enters again, typing more angrily*
IT: Nope still.
YOU: *re-enter*
IT: How about start all over again. Sorry, were you almost done? TOO FRIGGIN' BAD!

Next is probably more accurately a pet peeve than a universal dislike, because it doesn't bother everyone.

I hate eating noises.

It's way worse when someone's chewing with their mouth open, and that's most of what drives me crazy, but not because I'm Emily Post, it's just a really grating sound for me.  I'm conscious of it myself too, when or if I do it. I always feel like a jerk for mentioning this particular peeve, but again, I'm not judging anyone for doing it, it's's like that high pitched noise that only some people can hear (usually me  again, thanks laser-hearing) that you just keep hearing and it really starts to drive you crazy.  I can avoid it, ignore it, and otherwise distract myself and so that's what I do most of the time.

And three? I guess here I'll go with terrible spelling and grammar in professional places. 
Though it makes me cringe, fine, text your friends that "you guys will nevar beleive wot happened last nite"
I get it, not everyone has an easy time spelling, and some people don't care. I'm not one of those people, and it drives me up a wall, but I'll try not to be a jerk. But if you're say, working for the New York Times, or you have a professional website for your business, no matter what sort of business it is, IF YOU CAN'T SPELL, FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN. Find someone to edit your stuff. And I'm not talking about typos or occasional slips. We all do that. I've looked at articles as soon as they go up and been like "ohhh nooooo." But just...the ones where no one makes an effort...that's what drives me insane.

Now? I go off to think about things that don't make me crazy. And you have a good day, I hope.

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