Saturday, May 1, 2010

Double Duty...

So I haven't quite figured out how to place two pictures where they *aren't* right on top of each other in this blog yet, but I'll do that later. Perhaps when I'm *not* on vacation. Vacation has been hectic but worth it. Hectic due to graduation I think, more than anything. It's a vacation but on the front end that means we have time limits for everything. Which is why this photo was taken through teary eyes.

Thursday night was amazing. At one point, I'm standing at the Cap, same as usual, and I'm literally surrounded by a circle of friends. Not five or six, but ten or twelve, and it kept on from there. I played the pool tourney, I hugged everyone, I caught up on their lives, shared secrets, stories and was so, so good. I got to tangibly touch people I love and miss so incredibly often...I got to see sights I actually have dreams about...I was going to post my "goodbye M Mountain" shot but I can't find it at the moment...I always have these dreams of the drive down I-25 coming in from Albuquerque for whatever reason.

Anyway, this morning after a really great breakfast, some shopping and some Rafiki-pets and more hugs...headed out. It took me til Magdalena to really start to feel better. Magdalena is where this shot was taken, and is a snapshot of the area I adore with my entire heart.

We took a drive down Rte 60 to Phoenix today. It's a gorgeous, amazing drive. Luckily the wind storm died down, though it was cold and snowy (yeah, go to NM, find snow....argh) but we found some awesome stops along the way. Pie Town and Datil were the highlights. Pie Town has excellent pie and amazing piemakers with excellent stories. Plus plenty of amazing photography (bought a print of an amazing storm photographer's).

White Mountain Pass is lo-o-ong but gorgeous.

Phoenix is evil to drive in, but my sister's here and all is well.
If my second picture ends up back on top, I'm pretty sure it won't need captioning. PIEEEE.

Edit: the second picture is the first one now. Zzzz.

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