Monday, May 24, 2010

This Fuzzer

This is Anastacia. Aka Ana, Weasel, Kitty-Bear, Anya, Bad Kitty! and even Taci by her godmother, my friend Dawn.

She's all ears. And mouth!
For such a tiny thing she's all kinds of personality. The other day I swore she was understanding every word we were saying about here when we were discussing what it was she was caterwauling about.

She's always been kinda skittish and hides a lot, but man, when her goofy, beautiful kitty face and long tickly whiskers wake me up in the morning, I'm a happy person. She's moved cross country with me, she's stayed in hotels with me, she was a much better alternative to Wilson the volleyball when I was isolated up in Los Alamos for a while...

That is all for tonight.

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