Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is It

You know what I miss most about my life in NM? Beyond the whos and the wheres?
I so much had a life that was my own. It didn't always work well. Sometimes it got really scary, but I was exploring on my own. I was thinking about this when I was looking at pictures from Santa Fe one day.

I took this trip out there to go to Target (because it was the closest target to Los Alamos, and I had a gift card) and I had just gotten off of my shift at the bakery (3:30 am to 11 or later some days) and I wasn't tired. I was feeling like I wanted to explore.

So I did.
I didn't check in with anyone, I didn't research my options, directions...I just went.
I ended up at a state park where I took what was going to be a "little" hike. I ended up hitting at least three separate trails, one of which was so high that once I got up it I was afraid to go back down.

Then I went into the city (loosely use "city" here, Santa Fe is more like a big town) and stumbled on Fiesta.

It was amazing. I loved the discovery, the amazement I felt, the excitement about being somewhere so new and having so much to learn about and explore.
I want that again.

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