Friday, May 28, 2010

Life is just a Chair of Bowlies

It was gorgeous in the city today. I may adore New Mexico and wish to live there again, but I would take Chicago with me if I could.

And today I had a job interview which brought me to the city in FULL glory. It could not have been a nicer day in the city, save for perhaps the humidity, but this IS Illinois...
It was mid 70s, full on sunshine all day, no clouds to obstruct the incredibly blue sky and a breeze from the lake that makes your entire soul feel better.

I got there ridiculously early which I think was awesome, because it meant I could stroll in the sun, take pictures and have a lonnnng leisurely lunch in front of the Trump Tower, which is very nearby where I'll be working.

After the interview, which went great and I hope turns into better things, I decided it was too nice to go straight home, so I set out to Olive Park, which is where the second picture is from, via Fourth Presbyterian, where the last one's from. My secret garden and a park my dad takes me to sometimes. Pretty nice. At Olive I just took in the lake breeze, laid around in the grass and watched Obama's air escort choppers fly over (yes, really)

I stayed there forever chattin' and feeling good and then I headed for home.
The sun does wonderful things for my mood. Whether or not I get this job, which I hope I do, because I am excited about it, qualified for it, and excited about it (so much so i say it twice)...
Today was gorgeous.
And I am grateful.

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