Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I can't believe it

Just a little something...

My grandma turned 85 today. :)
I made this dark chocolate chip cheesecake in her honor, as well as dinner. I'm so tired I can barely move so I didn't take any more pictures of dinner, but let me tell you something about this woman...

She has raised four wonderful kids and been a beacon to the whole family, despite losing her husband when the kids were young...
She worked in a factory to support her family even though it cost her her hearing.
She bakes, she cooks, she crochets, she plays video games...she keeps busy
She prays for all of us every day.
She will feed pretty much anyone within reasonable distance of her fridge.
She half raised me when my mom needed to work and she was a single mom.
She has a smart, silly and sudden sense of humor that amazes me.
She looks REAL.GOOD. for 85, don't you think?

She's strong, sensible, loving, compassionate, lively, quick-witted, intelligent, meek, wise, and amazing.

She lived in downtown Chicago when Dillinger and the gang were there. She lived through the Depression and World Wars, and she did it all with grace.
And she is STILL going strong.

That's the kind of woman I want to be.

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