Saturday, May 1, 2010

Le Tired.

So today was the big day. My sister graduated from Grand Canyon University.
The graduation was a big spectacle. Fireworks, jumbotron at Chase Field where the Arizona Diamondbacks play, tshirt cannons, the whole nine.

It was also super long because 3000 graduates were there. Wow.
We hit up a place called Kincaid's Fish/Chop house with everyone afterwards, then we did some Walgreens errands, then we hit the hotel bar, then we went to Cold Stone, then we ...came back and hit the bar again, and I *think* we're done for the day.

This vacation is full barrel blasting through the country but it's been amazing.
I was bummed it was too cold to swim and so was Shannon but..oh well. Tomorrow morning when I break out of my coma maybe we'll go?

Durango and Four Corners are next. Socorro again, then home. Wow.

Today made me think I really, really need to go back to school. I will always regret it if I don't.
Remind me of that later, eh?

And remind me to go for something I love, because I still refuse to do something just because it's lucrative. I want to feel the passion.

Meanwhile, I want to feel the pillow.

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