Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I didn't miss! I'm a night person!!

I swear! Anyway, it's only 30 mins past midnight here in loverly Socorro.
I'm glad we're here, even if the night had a distinctly weird start to it.
It's funny how little things make the difference sometimes.
I had a nice, calm night outside the bar, which honestly, was exactly what I was hoping for somewhere in the back of my head.

I was just sitting in a familiar room, with familiar people and furballs feeling calm. Definitely a good change.

And I also got to make my peace with some things that happened when I left here. Talked to her and ended up having a little heart to heart while waiting for a salad, and I feel much better now.

Meanwhile..I haven't quite loaded the pictures from Durango yet...and I'm gonna hafta. But for now?
Here's a picture of a place I love to go, I loved to work at, and I still...love.

Because I can.

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