Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm totally a spazz today.
On my dinner date, I used the correct forks, dressed appropriately, made witty comments and befriended two girls I didn't know. You'd THINK that means I can handle myself with people.

But BEFORE that, I let my own psychotic chaotic fit of ...crazy energy...control me. And thus make awkward something that should have been pleasant and nothing more.

I hafta quit doing that. And then I hafta quit making it worse by pointing out that I'm doing it.
And I hafta go my own wayyyy.
No matter what.

I would LIKE the world to receive me with open arms. I'd like the people I love to receive me with open arms.
But what I'd like the world to do and what the world does...two very different things.
Which is why I'm rollin' with the Fleetwood Mac and taking a day off from this manic need to change my whole life.

Enjoy the lolcat. Don't mind me.

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